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TOKYO ELVIS is a prominent music artist known for his work in music production, composition, and remixing. His signature sound is characterized by the use of Vocal Synths like Hatsune Miku and SOLARIA, as well as remixes of Video Game Music.


Since his debut in 2016, TOKYO ELVIS has collaborated with influential names like GRIMECRAFT, DJ CUTMAN, AETHERNAUT, BIGHEAD (jp) and RE:O. He also released music with labels such as GameChops, Crypton Future Media, and Chip=WIN.


In 2021, he performed as one of the Digital Stars at MIKU EXPO and contributed a notable remix of "Highlight" by KIRA. Now, TOKYO ELVIS is preparing to unveil his eagerly anticipated album, 'RAZOR-SHARP CONFETTI,' on December 8th, promising an exciting blend of his unique style and aesthetic.

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