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TOKYO ELVIS is a groundbreaking music artist known for their avant-garde approach to music production, composition, and remixing. They have crafted a unique sonic identity by using Vocal Synths like Hatsune Miku and SOLARIA, and with remixes of Video Game Music.

Since their debut in 2016, TOKYO ELVIS has collaborated with influential artists such as GRIMECRAFT, DJ CUTMAN, AETHERNAUT, BIGHEAD (jp), and RE:O. Their music has been released under notable labels like GameChops, Crypton Future Media, and Chip=WIN.

In 2021, TOKYO ELVIS made a significant impact by performing as one of the Digital Stars at MIKU EXPO, contributing a notable remix of "Highlight" by KIRA.

2024 has been a landmark year for TOKYO ELVIS. They delivered an electrifying DJ set at the Digital Stars sub-event of Miku Expo in Los Angeles, sharing the stage with CircusP, HYPERLOCK, and CaptureLight. This ignited a surge of inspiration for TOKYO ELVIS which led to the release of several new singles featuring Hatsune Miku, each one a testament to his evolving artistry.

TOKYO ELVIS continues to push the boundaries and level up with music delivering game-changing tracks that surprise and captivate fans.

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